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On the beach in Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Here is a short introduction about me, myself and I. My name is Stephanie (22) and I am currently in my last year of my bachelor degree in physiotherapy at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences (for a total of four years). During my last semester I will be going to Sydney, Australia for an internship and research at a rehabilitation centre for people with neurological and complex therapy needs. This will be my last (8th) internship. This internship fits perfectly with my view of how I would like to pursue my career as a physiotherapist.

After my bachelor I would love to continue studying for my masters in Human Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After my masters I see myself working in either a hospital or rehabilitation centre where I would mainly be working with people with neurological diseases/illnesses. Combining my physiotherapy career with a more research focused position seems like the perfect combination to me. Researching new treatments or coming up with new products to support the neurological population is an important goal of mine. I want to make a contribution to people’s lives for the better by working with the natural movements of the human body.

Throughout my time in Australia I will document all of my experiences on my blog page. If you are interested in getting notifications by email for my blog posts updates, please feel free to subscribe by clicking on the follow button on the bottom of the screen.